How to catalog creations?

I have many of my works catalogued and safely copyrighted on
This is a wonderful Canadian site specifically designed for artists.

Their business model is ‘Pay what you can’. I love that! since I can’t yet pay much.

After I uploaded my creations, they do all the protecting stuff for me.

Moi automatically created a simplistic website for the first 25 of my pieces also for free.

You can see it at

They’ll also automate the linkage to a store. All this is good.

But by the time I pay for the extra website space and the Shopify store I’d be paying a lot each month.

Since I really don’t want to sell, box and mail my art anyway. I spent quite some time looking for another way.

At this time, I am still planning to use to do the catalog and the copyrighting.

I have spoken with them about my need to link from to They said they’d look into it. I’m not sure how much bandwidth they have to do it.