First Still LIfe Class

Will Kemp offers an Advanced Still Life Class as part of the Will Kemp Art School. Since that is the style of art I really love, I decided to give his class a try.

I live in a retirement community. I used to paint still life in oil paints, but that was nearly 15 years ago. There is a large Art Room for our use, but they’d prefer that we work without solvents. That limits media to acrylics and water colors, neither of which I like working with.

A friend recommended I try water mixable oil paints. I exclaimed, ‘Who knew!?!?’ I found a beginner set of Winsor Newton Artisans. I posted some samples of the early pieces I did using those paints.

I supplemented that set with the few additional colors recommended for this class. I re-learned a great deal by taking Will’s class. Here’s the painting I completed there.

SM Still Life Trial



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